PhD Research

My PhD research (Oxford University, passed without corrections January 2018), focused on measuring polarisation in the UK House of Commons on the basis of parliamentary speeches for the period 1811-2015, and investigated the determinants of reform to the House’s rules of debate for this time period. My dissertation is accessible online via the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA).

The UKHCSO Project (Oxford)

With Tom Fleming (Oxford University) and Radoslaw Zubek (Oxford University).

This project aims develop a database tool for researchers to generate snapshot versions of the UK House of Commons’ standing orders for each amendment date since 1811. In addition, we investigate the determinants of procedural reform on the basis of these data.

The Parliamentary Careers in Comparison (PCC) project

The research project “Parliamentary Careers in Comparison” aims to investigate political careers and activities of parliamentary candidates and parliamentarians in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands since the Second World War. Based on an extensive collection of individual-level data, we investigate biographical and behavioural data to obtain a full and dynamic picture of parliamentary careers. The research interests covered by the project cover three broad areas. The first set of questions revolves around career paths on different levels, how they typically develop, and how these patterns can be explained. With the second set of questions we focus on the impact of political institutions on political careers while a third strand highlights the consequences of the different career paths on parliamentary behaviour and future post-parliamentary careers.